We keep you involved, from the start.


Nothing happens without your permission. 

Ourly.help is a way for kids to make $10/hr without committing to a part time job, while helping out in their community. We help kids not only earn money, but learn money. You get detailed notifications on each assignment, and a web portal to watch along with your Kid's mobile app. Teach your kids self-motivation, philanthropy, accountability, professionalism and the value of the dollar. Neighborhood screening performed on each location.


Safety assurance and custom opportunities – get your kids on our network, and we'll take care of the rest. Here's how it works:


  • Application: Kids fill out our Application to let us know what kind of help they'd like to provide, some background info, and how to best reach them and you.
  • Permission: You fill out the Parent's Permission portion of the Application and specify which Job types you permit your Kid doing. Kids will not be able to help without your permission. This also absolves the hiring parties of liability, as they absolve your child.
  • Help out! You stay in the know with detailed notifications to the email address you specify. Kids only help out at approved locations, and get paid $10 per hour.


Help your kids apply to be an Ourly kid:   Click Here to Apply

When it comes to keeping your kids safe, we've made it simple. Ourly kids are only matched with community neighbors who need very basic help. If a help request doesn't meet out basic requirements, we encourage homeowners to hire a professional. Ourly.help's basic requirements are that the help needed starts with the one of the following words:


Ourly kids DO NOT help out with anything:

• HOT: Ironing, Cooking, etc.

• HIGH: Step Stools, Ladders, etc.

• SHARP: Lawnmowers, Blenders, etc

• LIVE: People and Animals (Plants are okay!)