Ourly gets kids to work for it, without making it hard on their parents.
Parents can choose their level of involvement, from a ‘set it and forget it’ style that repeats weekly, to individual assignments and approvals at any time.

 Choose from one of our suggested jobs, or write in your own. Kids take before and after pictures for approval of work. Funds are not released until the jobs are completed and approved.


without anything to show for it.  





The average American parent gives their kid

There are so many things kids can do!

Most suggested Ourly Jobs are made of 4 tasks. These tasks can be assigned as small jobs for the younger kids. This prepares them to perform the full job when they’re older. We provide detailed instruction for the following job sets:

Bed, clutter, clothes, floor

Counters, toilet, shower, floor

Counters, sink, fridge, floor

Collect & sort, wash & dry, fold, put away

Anything that gets your
kid outside

Sibling care, pet care, schoolwork, Skype, 
letter writing

Sibling care, pet care, schoolwork, Skype, 
letter writing

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