Getting started with Ourly

Congratulations on taking your first step towards getting your kids to earn their own money, teaching them fiscal responsibility, and greatly improving your family’s dynamic!

As parents ourselves, we know how difficult it can be getting your kids to actually get up and do the work. If this is your first time getting your kids to do chores, the following tips and tricks will help you motivate your kids. Chores will be done more efficiently and you can get back to spending time as a family together. Let’s get started!

Best Practices

Having the difficult conversation
Tip 01 | Set your expectations

Sit your kids down and have a conversation with them about allowance, chores and financial responsibility. Talk to them about what kind of chores they can do, how much money they want to earn, and when they can complete them. This is your opportunity to teach your kids how to live up to your expectations – make it count! It’s important that you stress the need for them to help you around the house - after all, they live and eat there too!

Connecting with your kids and their technology
Tip 02 | Make technology work for you

Take the time to find out your kids’ goals. Maybe they want to save for something specific or learn how to help their family? Show them how Ourly can help them achieve their goals simply by answering texts! We recommend that you use their cell phone numbers when setting them up in Ourly. Their phones are the devices that they use most and it is impossible to ignore text message reminders, unlike emails that can get lost in the daily shuffle. Make technology work for you and soon your kids will too!

Choosing age appropriate chores
Tip 03 | Start slow and build up momentum

You’ve set up your kids with their phones and created your family account. Now the real work can begin! Kids can help around the house regardless of what age they are, it’s just a matter of selecting the correct amount and type of chores they can do based on their age. If your kid is younger, for example 9-12, or has never done chores before, we suggest choosing three jobs for them to do for their first week of Ourly. If they are older, 13-17, they should be able to comfortably complete 5 jobs in their first week. The goal is to start incorporating family chores into their schedules early on so that as they get older they can learn that contributing in the family is expected of them. Check out the chores listed below for ideas and start exploring your Job Store! Use the “make your own” section to customize as well! Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what chores you’d like your kids to help with.

Suggested Jobs to get your kid started:

STEP | 01

STEP | 02

STEP | 03

STEP | 04

STEP | 05

  • Your kid asks you for money and you feel it’s becoming a habit.
  • You guess that you need to do something or your kid will become spoiled.

You have reached a point.

  • Tell the kids that you need help around the house because it’s difficult.

  • You want to be fair and they are getting old enough to have pocket money and freedom.

  • Share with your kids the national averages from and pick what works for your family.

Have a talk.

  • Every kid wants to do a hundred jobs.

  • Agree to have them start with three; let them earn more work and prove they can do it.

Set yourself up to succeed.

Sign up on the platform and inform your kids that if they are responsible enough to earn for 4 consecutive weeks, they can earn real money.

Sign up.

  • After one week on the platform check in with your kids. Thank them.
  • Celebrate the work they did and ask about their likes and dislikes.
  • See the best practices below used by successful Ourly Families.

Check in.

Finally getting them ready on time
Tip 04 | Preparation is half the battle

So you’ve scheduled chores for your kids- but every parent knows that’s not all they have to do throughout their week. School, sports and other activities take up a good chunk of their time- so why not make them responsible for getting ready for them? No more chasing stray cleats, homework papers and running around for supplies for last minute projects and bake sales- make them get themselves ready! Use the “Get Ready” feature in your job store and we will do the reminding for you- more than once!

Managing your family's schedule
Tip 05 | Make sure everyone is on the same page

Now that you’ve selected your kid’s jobs, it’s time to schedule them! We recommend choosing the options of “every week’ or “once” to start if this will be your family’s first time following a chore schedule. Once your kids build up consistency in their routine, you can customize their schedules any way you like and the best part? You can see each kid’s schedule right in your dashboard as well as your entire family’s schedule combined! Managing your family’s schedule doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore- just set your kids’ responsibilities and we will do the rest!

Great work! You’re a family management master! If you’ve followed our suggestions, your kids should already be fighting over who is doing the next set of chores! Changes in your family will come slowly with this new routine but they will last. We want Ourly to help bring your family back together and make your lives easier- you can always reach us on live chat, email or call us!

Remember: We're always here to help! :)

The Ourly Team

  • Make bed
  • Clean room
  • Unload/Load dishwasher
  • Clean up after meals
  • Take care of self & schedule (getting ready)


AGE 9-12

  • Take care of pets – clean cages, feed, walk, etc.
  • Wash, dry &  put away dishes
  • Clean toilets
  • Rake leaves/shovel snow
  • Take out trash
  • Mop & sweep floors
  • Wash, dry & fold laundry

All previous chores, and:

AGE 13-16

All previous chores, and:

  • Wash family car
  • Clean entire kitchen – counters, floors, appliances, inside of cabinets, etc.
  • Clean entire bathroom – toilets, sink, tub/shower, floors, etc.
  • Dust & vacuum house
  • Cooking
  • Babysitting siblings

Ourly is here to help.

No matter what your family's needs are, Ourly is designed to simplify managing chores and payments.

Watch this to see how!

Who uses Ourly?

Ourly is for parents who are juggling their modern family, providing a collaboration technology to enable teamwork and achieve calm. Here's how we'll help you and your kids, no matter how much experience they have with chores. Take a look at these Ourly families.

If your kids could use chore reminders,
we'll nag them for you!


"Getting my kids to that next level: excited about chores & accountable for their own actions!"
– Michelle O'Keefe, Mom

Why they use Ourly:

How they use Ourly:

If your kids have never done chores,
we'll show them how!

"Teaching thoroughness and consideration and of course, Windex!"
– Tresa Suarez, Mom


Why they use Ourly:

How they use Ourly:

If your kids need modern management,
we're your answer!


"We are divorced but dedicated co-parents – Ourly helps us manage his chores in a logical, organized way we can all agree on."
– Aaron Brodsky, Dad

Why they use Ourly:

How they use Ourly:

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