Kids Helping Neighbors Makes For A Great Community. 

  • We could be stacked for $15
  • An Ourly kid could get this done for just $15
  • I need help.
  • An Ourly kid could make us disappear for just $15

Get helped, get paid, get involved! donates $1 for every hour that every kid helps. The charities selected are those that benefit the area. Bringing to your community means people can get help with their odd jobs, kids can make money, and a charity will get contributed to. 

  • Help Someone 
  • Help the Community 
  • Help Yourself 

Use the search bar below to find your community (search by town name). If your town is an Ourly Community, you can book a kid to come help out or apply to become an Ourly kid. If you're town isn't on our list yet, register it now!


What people are saying:

"I was very pleased with the quality of the help provided, and willCarWash.png

definitely use this service again in the future!"

~ Wanted car cleaned before family trip



Kids.png"The kids are so busy with the team, already. This is a way for them to fundraise and make some money for themselves at the same time."

~ Coach and beneficiary of donations



Yard.png"I really wanted to get a job, but I hardly had any time with school and everything. So this is like the perfect thing for me"

~ Hailey, 18




An Ourly Community is made of 3 things:

  • 3-5 good Kids who want to work 4 hours a weekend
  • A group of people who want affordable help on demand
  • A local charity that would benefit from financial contributions

First the Kids apply, and they and their parents pick how and when they will help. We send out weekend itineraries to all Kids and their parents each week.

Then the people who need help request it by visiting the Community's page. We call to confirm and take payment.

Lastly, the local charity makes $1 for every hour that every Kid in the community works. 

Our network is growing fast. Check out our newest communities!


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