Does your financial institution care about tweens and the potential massive revenue stream they represent?

If the answer is no, the Ourly platform is probably not for you. If the answer is yes, then please answer the following 5 questions:

1. What are  tweens (9-13 years old) searching for and saving for? Do you know?

2. Does your institution do anything to teach tweens about money?

3. What was the last marketing incentive your institution used that would matter to a tween?

4. What are some marketing tools you can use to capture the interest of tweens? Would you even know?

5. Are any of your competitors marketing to tweens? If not, can you see the opportunity?

    Tweens don't care about your bank.

    Benefits of offering Ourly to your customers

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    "And we're worth $645 million a week!"

    of all visitors to ourwebsite sign up and make a deposit that same day

    decrease in
    friendly fraud

    is the fee parents are willing to pay for this service

    is the average amount of times a day families interact with Ourly

    request of all Ourly parents is “I want it tied to a real bank account”

    Depositors are aging,
    the millennial market is
    with your
    competitors & the tween
    market is untapped.

    In the U.S. alone, 43 million children receive an average of $645 million dollars per week in“informal” money from their parents. Call it allowance, manipulation, guilt, parental kindness or whatever you want. The fact is this happens every week and your bank or credit union has noinvolvement whatsoever. That’s where Ourly comes in.

    Ourly is an established, patented, secure, compliant and interactive banking platform for kids to request, earn, save and spend money. For tweens, the age of paper money is a thing ofthe past. With Ourly, a parent can transfer money instantly to a child’s pre-paid reloadable MasterCard® for completing his or her designated household chores or whatever tasks have been assigned to them and completed. Parents can do so by approving a before and after “pic” of the completed chore via their mobile device.

    Tweens are ready. Parents are ready.

    Are you?

    • Ourly’s exclusive white label program allows your financial institution’s brand to be in our kids wallets, pockets and pocketbooks from a very early age, building brand loyalty
    • Because it’s a pre-paid reloadable card, the transfer of funds is immediate unlike an ACH payment, which can often take a few days

    The Card.

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