Our mission

Ourly is for parents who are juggling their modern family, providing a collaboration technology to enable teamwork and achieve calm.

Our promise

We are on a mission to change they way we pay our kids and encourage financial responsibility in our culture, in one easy to use platform, accessible from anywhere.

I'm a parent, I'm a human, and I'm Ourly's CEO. We need your help. We've started not just a company, but a movement – for you and for our kids. Please give us your feedback if you have any suggestions as to what we can do to make our vision your reality.

Meet the team

Hi, I'm John Malone.

We are not a start up. We are not in search of an exit. We are not hoping for riches on the backs of monthly active users. We are out to change the way we pay.

Who we are

Our Story

A few years Dennis Sullivan had a question. He asked, "Why can’t I hire a local kid to rake my leaves?" He posed this question to entrepreneur, Bret Siarkowski, and Bret asked, "Why can’t you book a local kid to do this online?" They asked John Malone, father of 4, and he said, "Let’s find out." So together they started a company called Opprtuna to do just that.

They teamed up with John's partner Elizabeth Collins, and their friend Margot Ricci, and together they built a business where you could kind of “Uber” a kid to kind of do chores. Funny thing… when they looked at all of Opprtuna's customers, it turned out to be only parents and family members hiring their kids (and literally hundreds of them).

So they went back to the drawing board…they had something but what?  

The team discovered that communities weren't looking for as much help from local kids as they thought, but parents were looking for the right way to give their kids money. So they listened to their users, changed courses, and developed a platform to help parents help kids help themselves. And with that, the Ourly movement was born.

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Advisory Board

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Advisory Board

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Advisory Board

Elizabeth Collins
Marketing Operations

Bret Siarkowski

John Malone

Margot Ricci
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Community Engagement

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Customer Service

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